It can obtain a very good quality at a low investment and small operating costs.

Wheel Configuration

configurazione1 configurazione2

Wheel configuration customizable according to customer requirements

It can be equipped with a grinding cup wheel for processing the front arris (VB 350 cn ST) or with a diamond round edge peripheral wheel (VB 350 cns ST) for processing the remaining edge.

Very good quality

VB 350 ST is the recommended beveller for companies that do not want to compromise on the quality of the finished product but do not need high productivity.

Quality and accuracy

Bavelloni has always adopted a patented conveyor with cast iron pads, without the use of ball bearings, extremely precise and very easy to maintain. By means of automatically extendable pads on the front conveyor, we can work strips up to 40 mm high, beveled on both sides.

Minimized maintenance

Bavelloni bevelling machines are reliable, require little maintenance and are known for their long lifespan.

Ease of use

Through the touch screen control panel, the calculations are carried out automatically and it is not possible to set-up operations with incorrect parameters. The digital display of the spindle absorptions is very precise and allows a perfect control of the machine.