StoneNRG 420 can process natural and synthetic stone slabs with maximum dimensions of 4200×2300 mm. The available versions (3 and 4 axes, tilting B axis, longer Z axis) are characterized by 20 positions tools store, free positioning console, PowerJet device (on all 4 axis versions) and Bavelloni spindle made 100% in-house.

Many versions

The StoneNRG 420 T/TS/T PJ/TS PJ are equipped with an automatically tilting B-axis (± 3°) to make slanted drainers using the relevant optional kit. The TS and TS PJ versions also allow high thicknesses to be processed thanks to the 600 mm Z-axis.


Bavelloni spindle

Designed by the Research and Development team, it is assembled in Bavelloni production department to guarantee accurate quality control, efficient and fast after-sales service.


Thanks to a wide range of options, the 4-axis models can be customized to perform also engraving, polishing with cup wheels, cutting with straight, convex and 45° discs.

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High functionality and very little maintenance

The working centers have a solid structure and operating devices (guides, ball screws, racks) of high quality, long life and requiring easy maintenance.


The high speed of Bavelloni working centers reduces processing times and increases productivity levels.

CNC highlight


Presetting for the automatic measurement of the radius and length of the tool. Patented PAV device for the automatic positioning of centering devices and suction cups on the worktable. Centering devices integrated in the suction cups for the use of more wheels on the same cone. Laser kit for flatness reading (opt.) to automatically adjust the Z-axis stroke according to the material thickness.

Numeric control

Numeric control with a simple and intuitive graphic interface via a professional PC. Programming even during the machining phases. Total connectivity.

Software applications

EASYMOLD 3D is a program studied to create three-dimensional drawings and make all kinds of working in marble and granite: block excavation, radiused surfaced, sinks, shower bases, engravings, bas-reliefs.

Robotic systems

The Bavelloni machining centers for stone can be integrated into robotic islands according to the specific customer’s requirements. This provides safe, reliable and fast handling and ensures very high production rates.