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Bavelloni, among the first manufacturers in the world believing in the potential of automation, organizes live demos at its stand this year, on machinery equipped with intelligent components according to the Industry 4.0 logic.

In this edition, Bavelloni launches its new vertical drilling and milling machine model VDM 1636 NC which fits one double drilling head with opposing spindles, each of them provided with a rotating tool store (8 positions each). The machine features 5.5 kW electro-spindles, movements by ball screws, brushless motors and the latest generation NC with simple and intuitive software; extremely user-friendly, fast and accurate, it can drill, countersink and mill in one single working station.

On show, the working center NRG330 available with 3 or 4 axis. The main highlights of this equipment are the operating head with Bavelloni electro-spindle, the patented PowerJet device ensuring perfect tool refrigeration, the innovative automatic up down sliding door (patent pending) to make loading and unloading operations easier and the PAV system (patented) for completely automatic positioning of suction cups and centering devices on the work table.

Bavelloni showcases also its HE500 11 3000, a standalone double edger with cup wheels for polished flat edge with arrises which stands out for high productivity, accuracy, flexibility and advanced technical solutions (high performance spindles, transmission driven by brushless motors, ball screws and components of the best brands) and its VE500 V10, a straight-line mitering machine which can process flat edge with arrises and chamfers with variable angle from 0° to 45°, suitable for big glass sheets and high thicknesses.

Bavelloni SpA fornisce tecnologie e servizi per la lavorazione del vetro piano destinato al settore solare, dell’architettura, dell’arredamento e degli elettrodomestici. Sul mercato da oltre 70 anni, vantiamo più di 25.000 installazioni di macchine in un centinaio di paesi nel mondo. La nostra vasta offerta comprende centri di lavoro a controllo numerico e avanzate tecnologie per il taglio, la lavorazione del bordo, il bisello e la foratura. Tutti i prodotti sono disponibili sia in soluzioni stand alone sia in linee integrate.

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