V10 and V14 mitering machines for processing chamfers with variable angle from 0° to 45° are beneficial in today’s market. They are created specifically for loading heavy weights and can be configured with a wide range of options to be suitable for different production requirements.

Wheel Configuration

configurazione1 configurazione2

Great in the most demanding tasks

The innovative patented conveyor, with two motors electronically synchronized, allows the processing of big thicknesses and large glass sizes (up to 350 kg/m). This model can even be equipped with bigger racks (up to 5800 mm height) for edging big sheets in complete safety.


VE500 V14 – a solution without compromise

VE 500 V14 can polish flat edge and chamfer in a single cycle, granting quality and productivity at the top of the range.

Excellent load capacity

By using one of the most modern modelling systems (FEM, Finite Element Method), VE structures have been strengthened. The advanced dimensioning allows fabricating large, thicker glass sheets (up to 350 kg/m) without any concern.

Quality of the end product

After many years of advanced research on materials, the patented Bavelloni conveyor does not need ball bearings because it is extremely precise and easy to service. The spindles separate from the electrical motor by a transmission belt can virtually eliminate vibrations and produce excellent grinding quality.

Minimized maintenance costs

Bavelloni straight line edging machines are recognized for their reliability, minimal maintenance and longevity. The maintenance free conveyor, the centralized lubrication system and the inlet and outlet arms equipped with rubber pads that can be individually replaced are common features for all models.


VE Series touch screen control panels stand for user-friendliness, flexibility and functionality. Bright colors, icons and drawings are used for a fast learning of the functions. The advanced features provide statistics related to production and also includes information about maintenance and servicing.

Optionals that make the difference

Bavelloni straight-line edgers can be customized with a wide range of options. Racks of several dimensions, kit for cerium oxide polishing, teleservice modules, connectivity functions, HiWash washing machine integrated in the outlet arm are just a few of the numerous available solutions.