SB 10 is definitively the most sold horizontal semi-automatic machine for edge grinding, polishing and bevelling of shaped glass in the glass field. With an installed base of more than 2.000 pieces, SB 10 is a must in every glass factory.

Simple and handy

The working head in lightweight alloy allows simple and free movement of the arm and head. It is very user-friendly for operators. SB 10 is equipped with an electronic wheel position regulator and memorization system for rapid and accurate production changes.
Moreover the tool rotation speed can be adjusted through inverter.

Strength and flexibility

The SB10 structure in heavy steel and iron castings make it robust and free from vibration providing perfect and consistent quality. This model is very flexible: it is suitable for bevelling and edging large size pieces thanks to the patented star-shaped rotating face-plate, it is also capable of producing small pieces using the incorporated independent satellite face-plate. A pneumatic piston also allows the head positioning for processing simple shapes semi-automatically.


Quality First

Bavelloni’s patented conveyor, equipped with pads in cast-iron without the use of ball bearings, producing very high precision that is an essential element in bevel processing. The spindles are separated from the electrical motor by transmission belt eliminating vibrations and giving excellent grinding quality.

Minimized maintenance costs

Bavelloni bevellers have always been recognized for their reliability, minimized maintenance and long lifetime. The maintenance free conveyor, the centralized lubrication system, the inlet and outlet arms equipped with rubber pads that can be individually replaced are common features of all VB models.


The touch screen control panels of Bavelloni bevelling machines offer user-friendliness, flexibility and functionality. They can automatically perform calculations, report errors and prevent operation with incorrect parameters. The design of the work to be performed is displayed. Up to 99 different work configurations can be memorized; simple, double and triple bevels can be automatically set. The control panels offer an extremely precise digital visualization of the spindles absorption for perfect control of the machine.

Exclusive solutions

Bavelloni designed a unique device with extendable pads automatically activated by the control system for bevelling very small glass pieces.