They are high end working centers featuring exclusive solutions and reliability to fuel your creativity. Available in different models depending on the workable dimensions and in 3 or 4 axis configurations.

Door with automatic opening and closing

These models are equipped with a new door: automatic up and down movement. Glass loading and unloading have never been so easy.

New Bavelloni spindle

NRG 330 and NRG 420 have a completely new electro-spindle, designed by Bavelloni R&D team, to grant an extremely accurate quality control and a faster after-sales service.

Reliability and reduced operating costs

The working centers benefit from the traditional Bavelloni manufacturing philosophy: an extremely strong structure and oversized operating devices (guide rails, racks, ball screws …) for great reliability and a long lasting life.

Top performance

For many applications, Bavelloni working centers prove to be the highest performers in the field. This result can be achieved thanks to the reduced set-up times and to the fast movement of the axis. The special care devoted to the choice of the right tools and to their cooling allows an unmatchable grinding speed. Fitted on all four axis models, the patented device PowerJet ensures the perfect tool refrigeration.

CNC highlight

Exclusive solutions

There are many exclusive solutions developed for Bavelloni working centers. PAV patented system, unique in today’s market, allows the positioning of the suction cups and the centering devices on the work table in a completely automatic way. The centering devices integrated in the suction cups make the setup easier and allow customers to stack more wheels on the same cone, reducing the idle times for tool changes. A unique tool presetting device installed on the machine is very useful to automatically measure the tools radius and height.

Control system by NC

Bavelloni working centers are equipped with a real numeric control and with a simple and intuitive graphic interface by professional PC. This solution offers the most in terms of stability, performance, reliability and speed and it allows on board programming even during the processing phases.

Robot systems

Collaborating with important customers in the household appliances and in the refrigeration fields, Bavelloni has developed robotic systems that can ensure very high production rates. Thanks to the reliability of the working centers, these plants are a perfect solution for very high production environments.