LAMY 370 S

Lamy 370 S is Bavelloni table for cutting, breaking and detaching laminated glass. It is ideal for low-e glasses: thanks to the special separation pliers, the coating does not get damaged during detachment operation. The single bridge structure leaves the working area completely free from any obstructions: glass handling, roller change and machine cleaning are very easy.

No more chips on the edge

Breaking is by a system of upper and lower wheels that never lift the glass and always keep it steady: in this way the lower edges never touch each other.

Trimming up to 60mm

Lamy 370 S can make trimming up to 60 mm even on very thick glass 8+8+4,56 mm in full automatic mode, thus considerably minimizing the scrap.

Robust durable structure

The oversized structure of the main frame, the work table and the bridge guide rails with a section 50x50mm, allow cutting speed, performance and precision to remain consistent.

Major performance

The latest technology and components have been used throughout the REV models: bridge movement by two brushless motors (gantry) to minimize any backlash and increase working speed, fully digitally controlled motors, electronically controlled loading system for extremely smooth movements.

Premium quality cut

Cutting performance through the full range of thicknesses: open cut on 10mm glass and easy break out of 19mm glass. The advanced cutting head provides excellent 90° edge quality which reduces the need of heavy grinding and additional processing time.

Included as standard

Automatic detection of glass thickness, laser for template reading and for the automatic squaring of the glass sheet, automatic adjustment of cutting pressure according to glass thickness and radius size, program for mirror cut of laminated glass are just some of the features of the REV Series.


Software solutions

REV includes a CAD system as well as an on board optimizer in its standard scope. In addition, many software packages are available as options to meet different requirements: office optimizer, program for vinyl cut, etc.

Advanced automation system

It combines all the power of a professional Numerical Control with the convenience of an industrial PC working in a Windows® (Microsoft) environment. The operator will only work on the PC, which is the sole interface, both practical and user-friendly, with the machine. A complete software package, capable of satisfying any requirement, is supplied as standard.