Bavelloni is a brand that made the history of flat glass processing equipment.
Since 1946, we have constantly supported innovation, understood as developing new products and production methods that can improve our customers’ results in terms of productivity and efficiency.

The experience acquired through thousands of machines designed, produced and installed worldwide is our guarantee of unmatched reliability and quality.

Bavelloni is a completely Italian Company and 100% of our products is made in Italy. Our main priority has always been assisting our customers and growing together, developing effective solutions and long-lasting collaborations.

Our commitment is to continually do more to offer you the best experience. Always.


Bavelloni brand is synonymous of reliable, long lasting and asking for little equipment. Tens of thousands of working machines, and people you can rely on, all over the world.


Our continuous investments in research and development, adoption of new production systems, collaboration and discussion with customers and suppliers in the development of new projects, are the best guarantee of high performance and excellent processing quality.


We work with passion and professionalism, sharing our experience with the clients who choose our products.
Since 2005, the quality we put into everything we do has been formalized in our Quality Management System, certified according to ISO 9001 standard.

Quality policy

A historical brand

  1. At the end of 1946, in his house, the founder Zeffiro Bavelloni starts to manufacture the first diamond tools for abrasive wheels dressing: he was the first in the world to create the diamond multiple dressing tools.

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  2. Z.Bavelloni S.a.S.: the first diamond tools factory.

  3. At the end of the ’60, in a glass field where there is almost no mechanization, Bavelloni starts manufacturing the first single-head bevelling machines: they can provide a good quality but very limited productivity

  4. Z.Bavelloni SpA: the first large manufacturing unit for tools, edging and bevelling machines production. In 1973 Bavelloni is the first Company to introduce electronic systems on the straight line edgers

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  5. Acquisition of G.M.E, a Company specialized in the production of drilling machines, double edgers and cutting tables, located at Costa di Mezzate (BG).

  6. First NC machine for polished engravings and artistic decorations.

  7. Manufacturing site specifically dedicated to the production of the NC working centers.

  8. Z.Bavelloni SpA is acquired by the Finnish group Kyro. Tamglass and Bavelloni brands give rise to Glaston.

  9. Z.Bavelloni SpA becomes Glaston Italy SpA

  10. Bavelloni is back. A group of Italian managers acquires 100% of Glaston Italy shares. The Company name is changed into Bavelloni SpA, marking the return of the Bavelloni brand in the market. The Company headquarter, where all Bavelloni machines are manufactured, moves to Lentate Sul Seveso (MB), a few kilometers away from the previous site.

  11. Bavelloni SpA opens Bavelloni America Inc. in Greensboro, NC (USA).

    Bavelloni America Inc
  12. Bavelloni launches the "FULLY INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS" concept for custom solutions and special projects

    Bavelloni Fully Integrated Solutions
  13. Bavelloni acquires the tools business

  14. Yalos Bavelloni is born

    Yalos Bavelloni is born
  15. Bavelloni officially returns to the stone business

    Bavelloni officially returns to the stone business
  16. Z.Bavelloni México S.A. de C.V. is born

    Z.Bavelloni México S.A. de C.V. is born
  17. New branch opening: Bavelloni do Brasil Comercio de Maquinas Ltda (São Paulo - Brazil)

    New branch opening: Bavelloni do Brasil Comercio de Maquinas Ltda (São Paulo - Brazil)
  18. Bavelloni and GMM partner up

    Bavelloni and GMM partner up
  19. New branch opening: Bavelloni France SASU (ST PRIEST – FRANCE)