Flexible and unique solutions

In response to the market’s demand for integration and automation, Bavelloni can offer a wide range of flexible and customizable solutions in combination with Bavelloni machinery (straight-line edgers, double edgers, CNC, drilling machines) and other equipment.

Fully automatic glass handling

Fully automatic glass handling.
The robot sliding on a guiderail will pick, load onto the vertical edging machine, rotate and unload the glass, permitting the grinding of the four sides of the sheet.

Fully automatic working cycle

Fully automatic working cycle with two vertical edging machines and two robots picking, loading, rotating and unloading the glass.

Robot rotate

The robot will rotate and transfer the glass sheet from the first vertical edging machine onto the second one. Glass loading onto the first edger and unloading from the second one will be manual.


Fully automatic handling.
The first robot will load the glass to be drilled and milled; the second one will unload the sheet once washed.


Fully automatic solution. One movable robot sliding on a guiderail will load and unload the glass sheets from the double edging line.

NC working centres

Different solutions available for NC working centres, where the robotic island can be configured according to customers’ specific needs.