Focus on Z.Bavelloni México S.A. de C.V.

Z.Bavelloni México S.A. de C.V., located in Guadalajara, covers an important role for the promotion of the Bavelloni brand in Mexico and Central America.

z-bavelloni-mexico_matteo_gherseniOne year after the company became part of the Bavelloni Group, Matteo Gherseni, Z.Bavelloni México’s General Manager, shares his thoughts on the work done and shows cautious optimism for the future of the glass industry.

The past year was strongly affected by the pandemic and very challenging also for our Company; we had to fine-tune our way of working and organization towards ‘more agility’ but results have come thanks to everyone’s efforts,” says Matteo Gherseni and adds, “At present, our team consists of 15 people actively dealing with the sale of Bavelloni machinery, tooling and spare parts and providing technical support in Mexico and Central America.

The industry’s key players demand quality, reliable and high-performance products, and Bavelloni’s offering responds exactly to these requirements.

In a general climate of uncertainty, however, caution was the rule in 2020 and this determined a reduction in new machinery investments, whose purchase was postponed to the future.

In spite of this, however, we managed to achieve positive results thanks to the growth of our tooling and spare parts business as well as to the boost of our after-sales and overhauling services, which performed very well.

We are able to ensure fast delivery of both spare parts and tools from stock and meet our customers’ needs timely.

We also have a well-equipped refurbishing unit and qualified personnel to recondition Bavelloni machinery ensuring top quality standards.


Our Service Team, coordinated by Ms. Lourdes Roman, is made up of skilled field engineers with proven experience who can provide on-site and remote assistance.

Nowadays, the new technologies applied to Bavelloni equipment allow remote diagnosis and troubleshooting thus avoiding and reducing machine downtimes. This ensured continuity of service to customers even during the health emergency and travel restrictions.

In 2021 the market, initially weak, is now showing the first signs of recovery. We are therefore satisfied with the results achieved in this very ‘unique’ year and thrilled to tackle the upcoming challenges.