Focus on Bavelloni do Brasil

Bavelloni do Brasil, the official distributor of the Bavelloni brand in Brazil, are operating at full capacity from their new offices in Sao Paulo.

The responsibility for reorganizing the Bavelloni business in Brazil was entrusted to Teodoro Baldassarre in early 2021. Thanks to his experience in the glass sector and in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian market, Teodoro (now Bavelloni Do Brasil | Branch Director) has been able to accomplish this operation.

In these months we have been working hard on the project of the new branch,” reports Teodoro. “First of all, we found a suitable location for our business; then we organized our staff and set up our own sales and service network. Brazil is a very large and, at times, complex country therefore it is essential to have a direct presence locally.

Bavelloni do Brasil offer consultancy and advice to Brazilian customers in finding the most suitable Bavelloni machinery and tools for their specific needs.

In addition, they can provide a qualified on-site assistance and spare parts service to ensure a timely and professional support.

For any requirement on the products and services provided by Bavelloni in Brazil, you can contact:

Bavelloni do Brasil Comercio de Maquinas Ltda
Rua José Versolato – 111
Bloco B – Sala 2212 – Andar 22
09750-730 – Centro – São Bernardo do Campo – SP
Tel. +55 11 2374 3724

Teodoro Baldassarre (Branch Director, Bavelloni do Brasil)
Mob. +55 11 9 8219 6090