Wisconsin Shower Door

Since 1956 Wisconsin Shower Door have proudly set new standards of beauty in bath and interior design. With experience in their corner, the Company slogan reveals their vision and commitment to excellence.

“We offer an exciting array of conventional and unique custom-made shower and bath enclosures, heavy glass enclosures, glass products and mirrors, in a full range of colors, styles, and finishes. Whether it’s new construction, remodeling or just replacing, you’re assured of quality craftsmanship and unparalleled design flexibility with Wisconsin Shower Door…..see why the possibilities are truly endless,” says Craig Biesik, Director of Wisconsin Shower Door.

Over the years, the needs and desires of customers have evolved and have drastically changed the home composition and furnishing arena. In order to lead the industry, Wisconsin Shower Door have adapted their design, both functionally and aesthetically. Both architects and industry leaders are searching for a perfect balance between function and artistic taste to perfectly fit the customers’ vision and needs.

The bathroom, an oasis from the demands and stress of the day, should emulate the relaxation and calmness of a desert retreat. At the end of the day, the final goal, for Wisconsin Shower Door, is to marry the function of the room and its style. The current trends are minimal lines, which are airy and spacious with practical, custom built furniture and innovative fixtures.
In order to achieve their goals, Wisconsin Shower Door purchased a new piece of glass processing machinery, the vertical mitering machine VE 500 V10 which helped them to increase their capabilities and explore new opportunities in the market. This automatic straight-line edging machine is able to process flat edge with arrises and variable angle on glass sheets having a thickness from 3 to 51 mm. The VE 500 V10, designed and manufactured according to the most advanced technology, can polish edge and chamfer, delivering high quality and productivity, which is Wisconsin Shower Door’s main focus.

In 2018, Wisconsin Shower Door also installed the new 4-axis working center NRG 420-4 and have recently finalized the purchase of another CNC machine, NRG 330-4, thus reconfirming their loyalty in the Bavelloni brand. These machines, which differ in the workable dimensions, feature innovative solutions such as: Power-Jet for tools refrigeration, Bavelloni electro-spindle, automatic door with up-down movements and PAV system for automatic positioning of suction cups and centering devices.

Craig Biesik is very proud of the wide variety of Bavelloni equipment installed and running at their facility:

  • MAX 80: vertical beveling machine
  • NRG 250 CNC: 3-axis working center
  • ALPA 315-4, NRG 420-4, NRG 330-4 (to be installed soon): 4-axis working centers
  • GEMY 11: vertical edging machine
  • VE 500 V10: vertical mitering machine
  • SB10: beveling-edging machine for shaped glass
  • VT 1250 A: horizontal drilling machine