TVITEC: state-of-the-art technology for a global top player

Tvitec, is the international company that in eight years has become the first Spanish manufacturer of architectural glass and one of the leading companies in its eld in Europe.

Founded in 2007-2008, Tvitec main focus is supplying high selective glass for the main building projects all over the world. In the last few years, the Company has become one of the largest manufacturers on a global scale with many world-class achievements, such as:

  • ● Italy Pavilion, Expo Universal 2015. Milan
  • ● Swarovski Crystal World. Wattens
  • ● 160 Leroy Street. New York
  • ● Spire Warsaw. Warsaw
  • ● New Fetter Lane. London
  • ● Museu do Amanha. Rio de Janeiro
  • ● Blue Towers. Asunción
  • ● Torre Isozaki Allianz. Milan
  • ● Nuova sede centrale di Nordea Bank. Copenhagen

According to its strategy, Tvitec is following the current trend in architectural design by producing super-size formats and it is committed to manufacture up to 12 meter long glass sheets, the biggest in the European market.

As part of this ambitious program, Tvitec is working to a very tight schedule for the coming period 2016-2017 to be able to ful ll all its targets, by means of a challenging action plan. The key action is the extension of its factory in Cubillos del Sil by 25.000 square meters more. The increase of manufacturing capacity is going to be carried out via four production and transformation centers of high performance glass, equipped with the latest technology in each part of the processing line.
Bavelloni is very proud to work side-by-side with such a great market leader, as Bavelloni solutions have recently been chosen twice by Tvitec, as preferred equipment for edging glass processing.tvitec_foto4 Complying with the Customer’s corporate strategy, Bavelloni double edging lines with cup wheels fully meet the expectations thanks to their strong customization, achieved in cooperation with Tvitec and through the support of Bavelloni experts who listened carefully to the Customer’s requirements throughout the whole project development.

“We have installed the state-of-the-art technology in glass edging. Our philosophy is: ‘Quality at its best: versatility, ef ciency, functional beauty’,” says Mr. José Méndez, Operations Director in Tvitec “So, we need top quality and reliable equipment to achieve our goals.”

The first double edging line, model XtraEdge 12 2600×4000 was installed at Tvitec premises in Cubillo del Sil in September 2014, and since then it is engaged in processing top quality architectural glass.
After that, a second milestone was laid down in early January 2016 via the installation at Vicer, the Tvitec factory in Portugal, of a HE500 12 2600×6000 horizontal edger that was strongly tailor-made and integrated with an existing machine.