SuperKOTE run Bavelloni quality machinery to produce superior glass products in Australia

Situated in Ormeau (QLD), between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, SuperKOTE were established in 2001 as a specialist glass painter. Over the years, they have become the leading manufacturer and supplier of painted splashbacks, frameless, toughened and annealed glass to the building, design and architectural industries. To keep up the pace, they are always on the lookout for the latest in glass design, technology and machinery.

All of their products, manufactured in-house, are certified by many architects, builders and developers. Along with splashbacks, SuperKOTE supply mirrors, doors, shower screens, glass shelves, windows, doors, balustrades and many other general glass products to leading high quality manufacturers in and around South East Queensland for commercial and residential applications.
Mr. Ross Kennedy, the Owner and Managing Director of SuperKOTE, says:

“I strongly believe in using state-of-the-art equipment to produce quality glass and the Bavelloni machines require minimal maintenance and are brilliant ‘workhorses’” and adds, “Bavelloni machines are a key element to the success of my company. I’m really pleased that ‘Bavelloni is back’.”

Bavelloni machines: unmatched performance and finish

SuperKOTE work up to three 8-hour-shifts per 24 hours therefore their machinery is in constant operation.
When Mr Kennedy needed to replace his Gemy 11, which had completed an amazing 3 million metres in four years, competitors were offering him alternatives but no other supplier could match the performance and finish of a Bavelloni machine so he immediately ordered a new Hiyon 11.

After almost one year, he became aware that this Hiyon 11 had polished some 435,000 metres of glass of all thicknesses from 4mm mirror to 19mm clear float glass and that it was well on its way to 1 million metres.

Mr. Kennedy, realizing the top level performances of these machines, purchased without hesitation another Bavelloni straight line edger, the new Bavelloni VE 350 11 with 11 cup wheels. This machine, installed around 1 year ago, has already performed many thousands of metres.

With a perfect tooling combination, our VE 350 11, which is the best in term of flexibility, productivity and finishing either in float glass or laminated glass grinding with arrises, can achieve maximum results with every type of glass and/or mirrors, from 3 to 40 mm thickness. This machine can be customized with a wide range of options for a variety of application requirements, such as higher and longer racks or the kit for cerium oxide polishing for a bright finish. Moreover, thanks to the Ecofriendly pack and the Grind & Stop function for energy saving, it represents a low environmental impact solution.
In addition to our straight-line polishing machines (Hiyon 11 and VE 350 11), SuperKOTE also have a Bavelloni CNC working centre model ALPA 350.

A qualified sales network can really make the difference

In Australia we have installed more than 500 machines so far and our customers can count at any time on the qualified presence on site of our official partner Glass Machinery Imports (GMI) who have matured great experience in the glass business being involved in this field for more than 20 years.

“I personally know Mr. Garry Kilkenny from GMI,” states Mr. Kennedy, “GMI distribute Bavelloni machinery throughout Australia and can also supply a large stock of Bavelloni genuine parts from their warehouse in Ormeau – that is just around the corner – thus ensuring us prompt response in case of downtimes.”