REVERCHON always chooses BAVELLONI for grinding its glass



Reverchon was established in 1924 and changed its management group in 1989. Since then, the Company has always developed and today it plays an important role in working, processing and marketing flat glass in France.
Its three premises, strategically located in the downtown of Paris and in Montreuil, wisely combine traditional know-how and the most advanced technologies to serve its customers promptly.
Reverchon Montreuil has a high-tech installed base with automatic cutting tables (for float and laminated glass), straight-line machines, bevellers, drilling machines, CNC robots, vertical saw, sandblasting machines, spray booth and ink-jet printer.
The new site, opened at the end of October 2011, was conceived on purpose to cut and process the laminated glass in a fast way.
Reverchon guarantees a comprehensive, continuous, rapid and quality service which includes cutting, processing of straight and shaped glass (with bevel, chamfer, shaped edging etc.), UV glueing, silvering, decorations (sandblasting, engraving, painting and ink-jet printing), double glazing, tempering and bending.


REVERCHON AND BAVELLONI: a winning and long-lasting relationship.

Reverchon is an established Bavelloni customer: since the beginning, Bavelloni was selected as preferred supplier of high level machines for grinding and bevelling.


In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Bavelloni installed at Reverchon’s  the B73CN bevellers for processing bevel and polished front arris in one time, the PR 88 straight line edger with 8 wheels and the VR 1114 with 14 wheels and variable angle for processing flat edge, chamfer from 0° to 45 ° and arrises at once.

Starting from 2000s, Reverchon completed its range of Bavelloni grinding machines with the purchase of the new Gemy series – which became, along the years, very popular all over the world. The technical solutions adopted, among the best ones, made Gemy a reference model in the world. With two Gemy’s 8  and three Gemy’s V10 with variable angle, Reverchon soon became a key account for Bavelloni both in the domestic market and outside France.

Around 2010s, when the Gemy range went out of production, Reverchon confirmed once more its loyalty to the Bavelloni brand purchasing, in 2013, the new customized Hiyon: vertical edger with 8 wheels, conceived and manufactured with the most modern technologies to grind flat edge and arrises on float glass and mirrors from 3 to 40 mm thickness.

The installation of two new VE’s 350 8, completed in the first half of 2016, strengthened even more this partnership. VE is the new family of Bavelloni vertical edgers with cup wheels, designed to meet any requirements in terms of grinding flat edge with arrises and variable angles. Reverchon chose this new Bavelloni edging machine to continue ensuring its customers the utmost quality and reliability.

The Customer explains:

“Bavelloni has always been our preferred supplier for the high standards of its products and for the service level offered to its customers. This ensures constant quality of the glass we process and, at the same time, it enables us to reduce production downtimes to a minimum.”

Reverchon’s grinding activity is – and will continue to be in the near future – an essential part of the Company’s core-business and Bavelloni, from its part, will go on developing more and more efficient machines to satisfy its partners’ needs in the best way.