ORSIGLASS: twenty years of partnership with Bavelloni

Orsiglass widen their installed base with our new straight line edging machine VE500 11

VE500 Orsiglass

Quality first

Orsiglass, established in 2000 near Paris by Mr. Tiziano Orsini, are a glass factory specialized in cutting, grinding and processing any type of glass.

The success key factors of this family Company are their customer service and the quality of their finished products. Mr. Orsini, owner and founder of this firm “on a human scale“, as he calls it, is always in the factory working with his staff to respond promptly to the requests of their large customer base.

Their extremely original and wide product range includes glass and mirror elements – often tailored made – for interiors, furniture, shops, shop windows, bathrooms, doors, lighting, decorative items and even accessories for the high fashion industry.

“Anything we do has to meet three basic criteria” says Mr. Orsini, “expertise, precision and quality. Only in this way we can be sure to meet our customers’ expectations.”

Their long experience in glass processing, the dedication and professionalism of their team and the ongoing technological renovation with more and more efficient machinery, made Orsiglass a successful Company, very active in the area of Paris.

“I always choose Bavelloni”

Mr. Orsini is a historical Bavelloni customer: the first cutting table HT40 was installed the very same year of their foundation; later on, in 2006 Orsiglass bought another cutting table for laminated glass, our Lamy 370 S.

Also the commissioning of their first straight line edging machine CR1111 dates back to early 2000. After some years, Orsiglass increased their productivity and product offering thanks to the purchase of two new edgers, Gemy 11 and Gemy V10 for variable angle. The Bavelloni technology in grinding and polishing glass has always played a leading role in the glass sector. Mr. Orsini is an extremely precise and demanding customer but, at the same time, very generous. Thanks to his experience and the Bavelloni expertise, our edging machines could be upgraded with some important customizations that made them even more functional and suitable for special processing. We have to admit that “in his hands”, our machines express their full potential and even more.

A timely service you can rely on

Orsiglass reconfirmed their trust in the Bavelloni brand investing in our new vertical edging machine with 11 wheels, VE500 11, which is now our top level straight line equipment for flat edge, in terms of productivity and quality of the end products.

Our machines do not require much and ensure long lifecycle and reliability. Nevertheless, maintenance is a top priority to Orsiglass: they take good care of their machinery daily, use genuine spare parts and when needed, they can always rely on the constant support of our Service Team in Italy. After years, the machines at Orsiglass look like brand new.

Mr. Orsini says, “I have always believed and invested in high-end products because I am confident that reliability, sturdiness, customer service and technological innovation pay off my investment.”