Modern and innovative way of thinking in glass processing

At OROSházaGLAS, Hungary, Bavelloni has recently completed the installation of the new numeric control machine NRG 250.


How to succeed by changing:

OROSházaGLAS Kft limited trading company’s history starts in 1995, with the heritage of the old Orosháza Glass factory that was founded in the middle of the 1960ies. The Company is located in Orosháza, known as being the citadel of the glass industry in Hungary, and it is 100% Hungarian private property. Since the beginning, the Company had a very dynamic development due to constant investments and technological improvement. At present it totally employs more than 200 people in the production facilities of about 20.000 sqm in the Orosháza and in the Budapest division. OROShazaGLAS Kft. provides high quality products, for the domestic market as well as for export, and since 1998 their quality system is certified according to TÜV CERT. The product range is extremely wide and it covers many applications, such as constructions, roofs, facades, doors, shower cabins, fireplace items, furniture elements, aquariums, hard security and insulating glass for the automotive industry.

Colibrì machines

OROShazaGLAS Kft. collaboration with Bavelloni started more than 10 years ago. Bavelloni’s local agent, Mr Karoly Molnar – Company Euroglass Mas – created a solid and cooperative business relationship with the management team that chose the numeric control three axis machine Colibrì 200 to be part of the company’s equipment in 2004. Performance was very good, so it was immediately followed by another piece to increase the factory capacity.
In the following years Bavelloni supplied Alpa 315/4 and Alpa 450/4. These 4 axis machines proved to be suitable not only for grinding purposes but also for special applications that allowed OROShazaGLAS Kft. to increase their products portfolio adding bigger sizes and new product specifications.

NRG range

In 2013 the machine park was increased by two machines NRG 330, both equipped with Bavelloni Power Jet and with PAV system for the automatic positioning of suction cups and centering devices. At present, the installation of a brand new NRG 250 has just been completed.

“We are currently using 6 Bavelloni machines. Definitely, we significantly increased our output by choosing those machines and we could step into new market fields. For example, we are now supplying elevator glasses. Those panels require a specific and challenging milling all around the edge and your Power Jet function made the difference! We are getting excellent results.”
says the General Director, Mr István Tóth. NRG 330 is identified by the patented and unique Power Jet device for directing and keeping the water jets used for the tools refrigeration exactly on the contact point between the tool and the glass profile. In this way, Power Jet grants a performance increase up to 10% compared to the traditional solutions.

Not only CNC machines

The relationship between OROShazaGLAS Kft. and Bavelloni is not only limited to CNC machines. In the Hungarian Company factories, a vertical mitering machine has been installed especially for processing heavy and big glass sheets.

“The market trend has started to move towards larger glass sheets”, explains Mr Tóth “so when in 2011 we decided to invest in a big straight line edging machine, suitable for heavy loads, we ordered the mitering model Bavelloni GEMY V14 and we are very satisfied”.
Mr Tóth tells us: “I believe Bavelloni is a great brand. We consider your Company as a strategical partner”.“We have an innovative way of thinking, which defines our daily activities to meet the highest quality levels, and we expect our suppliers to do the same. Our permanent investments in the most up-to-date manufacturing lines, as well as our know-how development, provide the certainty that our customers can get the best possible quality”.

When OROShazaGLAS Kft. management is sure of getting 100%, they are immediately struggling to achieve 10% more: this is their winning attitude.
In the years, the mutual trust between the Companies increased.
Bavelloni is supplying reliable after-sales support and the customer is sure to find expert and competent people ready to listen to him and provide all necessary support.

NRG 250: built for speed production

NRG 250 is Bavelloni 3 axis working center for high speed working of small and medium thickness glass, especially suitable for doors production. NRG 250 is conceived for limiting investment costs, maintenance and footprint (12 sqm of floor space used, including the electrical box, and max 2,5 x 1,2 m workable size). The compact design allows the customization of the control panel that can be positioned at left or right side according to customer’s requirements.
The pc for visualizing and controlling all machine functions is placed within the control panel. It is very user friendly and it can be connected to the factory web network.
NRG 250 can be supplied with a 10 positions tool store, presetting for automatic and accurate measuring of tools radius and height, laser for suction cups positioning and many other accessories. Simply conceived, NRG 250 is suitable for any production volume where speed, repetitiveness, reliability and minimum maintenance are fundamental.

NRG 330 POWERJET: high flexibility

NRG 330 is the 4 axis working center marked by productivity, user friendliness and flexibility. Characterized by a robust, open top structure, this machine can satisfy any processing needs in the architectural and furniture fields. Its workings include drilling, milling, edging, writing, polished engravings, cut by straight or shaped discs, bevel, polishing with cup wheels.
A wide range of accessories allows configurations suitable to meet specific requirements. Power Jet, the patented cooling device integrated in this model grants the perfect tool cooling and a longer life, the elimination of the manual adjustment of the jet and a much better processing quality. The standard configuration includes a 10 positions tool store (that can be increased to 20 positions) and workable dimensions 3,3 x 1,7 m (that can be increased up to 3,7×1,7 m with a special additional table). NRG 330 PJ allows the installation of P.A.V.: Bavelloni patented system for the suction cups and the centering devices automatic positioning. In this way, machine set-up becomes very easy and accurate, saving a lot of time and labor to the operator compared to manual setting.