Bavelloni supports “experience-based” learning and invests in the human capital of tomorrow

“What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing”. This aphorism, ascribed to Aristotle, perfectly conveys the ‘hands-on’ learning concept behind school-to-work alternation, a teaching method that helps students consolidate the knowledge gained at school and test it on the ground through practical experience.

Once again, this year, as part of the school-to-work alternation programme, Bavelloni opened its doors and welcomed a few high school students, offering them the chance to experience the work environment for the first time.

On this occasion, three young students eager to learn made their first appearance in our company:  Mattia De LausoFabio Banfi and Sara Beretta. During their stay, approximately four weeks, they were able to enrich their education and challenge themselves with projects in line with their respective study plans.

Mattia spent demanding hours in production applying what he had learnt about mechanics and mechatronics; he realized that he would like to continue his studies and do engineering.

Fabio, a student of electronics, electrical engineering and automation, developed a project in our R&D department and then tested it in our factory where his father Ivano also works.

Sara, on the other hand, the daughter of our colleague Silvano is studying International Relationships; at Bavelloni, she had the opportunity to explore different areas of the Company: from Sales Admin to Accounting and Marcom. Sara was also interested to visit our production department to see firsthand the machinery being manufactured here thanks also to her father’s contribution!

We hope it was a valuable experience for them. Their smiles and curiosity will remain in our memories, while we are proud to collaborate with local schools and contribute to shaping the human capital of the future.

Good luck everyone and… see you soon!